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Hoi An, one of the most charming town in Vietnam, has been trying its best to protect its traditional crafts villages. For a while, the conservation and development of Duy Xuyen Silk Village had been frozen during the 1990s, when the silk demand was zero, until the number of visitors to Hoi An began to rise rapidly.

Silk was a famous product of Hoi An during this town’s heyday, when it was one of the trading points along the Silk Road, and silk making was one of 18 traditional crafts in Hoi An which were invested and retrieved. Because of its glory history, Hoi An is now still famous with its silk products, which makes travelers coming here fall in love at the first sight. The revival of the silk village is not only a revival of the forgotten traditional crafts, but also a revival of Hoi An people’s forgotten cultural life.

Nowadays, visitors of Hoi An can find a silk store at every corner around the Ancient Town. From Hoi An hotels in the center, tourists can go shopping easily. Because of the quickly rising number of tourists as well as their demands, silk stores now are not selling silk only, but other fabrics, and especially, Hoi An sellers also provide an extremely fast tailor-made clothes. You can have your suit finished in 1-2 days.

Besides providing fast and high quality tailor-made clothes, sellers also offer a shipping service, even if their customers are overseas! A Forbes contributor, Kavi Guppta, was surprised by the simplicity and professionalism of garment service here.

If you have never been to Hoi An before, then the followings are some tips for your shopping trip:

  1. Don’t fall in love with anything at the first sight (we know it’s hard!), take a walk around and compare prices, quality until you get the best one. Don’t be shy because Hoi An people are super nice even when you don’t buy anything!
  2. Be polite and bargain.
  3. Some stores sell fabric with better quality, and of course the price is higher. Be patient and be wise when it comes to decision. 
  4. Bring a template of the garment style you want, in case you cannot find it in any Catalogues at store. Tailors can copy the style and size and send it to you in 2 days. Don’t urge, because things take the time it take and you don’t want low quality products.
  5. Check carefully when you receive clothes. You don’t want to try to fix it when you get back home!

There are some simple garments (such as Ao Dai, dresses) which you can have it finished in 2 hours. While waiting for it, you can sit on the side walk, sip a glass of “Ca Phe Sua Da” (ice coffee with condensed milk) and enjoy the peaceful feeling while watching people walking past.

For a fair play game, we don’t announce any best silk stores in this article, you can walk around and follow your heart, or more simple, follow your Hoi An hotels receptionists’ guide!

Jenia and Sergey with their tailored clothes made in Hoi An

Jenia and Sergey with their tailored clothes made in Hoi An (Source: house to Laos)

Sergey’s shoes from shoes store in Hoi An

Sergey’s shoes from shoes store in Hoi An (Source: house to Laos)


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