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Hi there! Are you here looking for hotels in Hoian? If yes, we are here for you! Besides an online reservation system, we also provide information about our lovely country – Vietnam and our beautiful Central Region.

Vietnam is a developing country, lies to the East of the Indochina Peninsular. Even though it had been going through war, hunger or poverty, tourists coming to Vietnam will be surprised by its renovation over such a short time. The population is increasing and up to 93 million until 2017, divided into 54 ethnic groups. Now Vietnam is famous for its both fascinating nature sceneries and bustling cities, this is the country where tourists should spend at least two weeks to visit popular destinations. Take a peek at our Vietnam Travel Guide and find out what these must-visit destinations are.

Locating in the Central Vietnam, we especially focus on travel information of Hue, Da Nang and Hoian. This is why we particularly provide travel information for these three places. Read Hue Travel Info for this regal city travel information, or Da Nang Travel Info about this lively city, and Hoian Travel Info to explore this Ancient City.

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