Top 6 Hoi An Hotels & Homestays Too Beautiful To Sleep


The number of Hoi An hotels has been growing faster than ever, despite the fact that local authorities put a block on developments in the Town center. If you have been to Hoi An, you already know this is a wonderful city. Its ancient, rustic and simple beauty together created its own fascination, makes everyone coming here fall in love with it at the first sight.


Hoi An Ancient Town is not too bustling, it’s sometimes crowed, but always peaceful. Here there are sea, islands, ancient town, villages, green fields. It’s a pity if you didn’t have chance to enjoy these things last time. And the best way to immerse yourself into the rustic charm of Hoi An is to stay in beautiful and local hotels and homestays.

The followings are 6 of the most beautiful hotels and homestays in Hoi An:

6. An Bang Beach Hideaway Villa

This 3 bedrooms villa was designed with a beach and fisherman’s house style. It’s something rustic and simple, but also modern by the contrast between red, yellowand blue color, represented the sun and the ocean. This is why the three bedrooms are named Sunset, Sunrise and Beach Front. Just 10 steps to and you will get to the golden sandy beach of An Bang (just kidding, 11 steps!). Pick an umbrella and deck chair at any beach bar then laze on beach for the rest of the day!

Sea View at An Bang Hideaway Beach Villa

The beach is just a few steps waiting for you (Source: An Bang Hideaway Villa Facebook)

An Bang Hideaway Beach Villa

The contrast between Blue, Yellow and Red (Source: An Bang Hideaway Villa Facebook)

5. Heron House

This fancy homestay locates somewhere between the Ancient Town and Cua Dai Beach, among the green rice fields. A complex of colonial French architecture and Vietnamese architecture, Heron House is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Heron House Hoi An

Heron House style is influenced by French architecture (Source: Heron House Hoi An Facebook)

Room at Heron House, Hoi An

The beautiful and bright bedroom (Source: Heron House Hoi An Facebook)

4. Vinh Hung Library Hotel

Has been going through restyle and refurbishment, Vinh Hung Library is now a heaven for geeks in the Ancient Town where you can enjoy your favorite book in a boutique style room, feel elegant yet? Books here are handpicked, which are about a wide range of knowledge, from travel, culture, to art, design and architecture.

Reading Corner at Vinh Hung Library Hotel, Hoi An

Enjoy your favorite books in this cozy corner (Source: Vinh Hung Library Hotel Facebook)

3. Maison De Tau

A vintage style Homestay locates on Nguyen Dinh Chieustreet of Hoi An, Maison de Tau has a mischievous meaning in its name: my home. Guests coming here will fall in love with its peaceful green color. Every corner of the garden is covered by green trees and plants, quietness and tranquility.  Maison de Tau will be a cozy place to hide from the reality.

Maison De Tau, Hoi An

The Secret Garden at Maison de Tau (Source: Maison de Tau Facebook)

2. MaisonVy Hotel

MaisonVy is one of the most checked-in hotel in Hoi An on social network. Just one reason: it’s too beautiful! Another Hoi An hotels designed with French colonial architecture, but the special place is the little yard between 2 building and lighten up by the skylight above, where tourists can take a rest on those antique wooden chairs and tables. Has been welcoming its guests from 2015, MaisonVy Hotel is just a few hundred meters to the Ancient Town. This is one of the most beautiful hotel in Hoi An, to relax and enjoy.

Maison Vy Hotel, Hoi An

Take a rest at this little yard under the skylight (Source: MaisonVy Hotel Facebook)

1. An Bang Seaside Village

In this article, we will finish our list of 6 most beautiful accommodations in Hoi An with another homestay at An Bang Beach. Just a few steps to the beach, An Bang Seaside Village is a little colorful and full of vitalityhomestay.

There are 8 different rooms with garden view or sea view, designed in a rustic and simple style buteach room includes sufficient amenities and facilities. The contrast between white walls and blue doors & windows makes its rooms so lovely!

Coming here and melting yourself into the nature, breathing the fresh ocean air, and enjoying your beautiful life.

Room at An Bang Seaside Villa

An Bang Seaside Village Upstair Room (Source: An Bang Seaside Village)

The Yard of An Bang Seaside Village

An Bang Seaside Village Upstair Room (Source: An Bang Seaside Village)

Beach An Bang Seaside Village

A few step to the beach from An Bang Seaside Village (Source: An Bang Seaside Village)

Hoi An has always been an attractive destination. In fact, in 2017 it’s in the top of best destinations in the world. Make sure you bring your camera to capture your wonderful moments here!




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