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Hoi An Cooking Class Tour


Half day


By joining this half day cooking class tour, you will have chance to visit the colorful market of Hoian. Furthermore, you will taste the culture of Hoian, through the ingredients, cooking techniques, decoration art as well as the incredible flavor. So if you want to perfect your journey, you should not miss our “Cooking class half day tour in Hoian”

At 8:00am, from your hotel you will find your way to our meeting point in the Ancient Town, enjoy a welcome drink then the group will go on to visit the colorful market of Hoian, feel the bustling atmosphere of the local life here in the morning. Try to buy ingredients for cooking from the local sellers yourself, even it’s hard to do but it’s also a very interesting experience though.

After you have bought all the needed ingredients, your group will walk to the boat landing and get on the Red Bridge Boat for a relaxing cruise along Thu Bon River to Red Bridge Cooking School. Along the way, you can see the local life on the river, it’s especially peaceful and quiet.

On arrival at Red Bridge, you will walk in the herbs and vegetables garden of this school, you can see our popular used herbs and vegetables in daily meals. Then take part in the main part: learning cooking some of Hoi An and Vietnam famous dishes. This course lasts for about 2 hours and its process will be: At first, the Chef will not only explain each dish, show you how to prepare and cook these dishes, but also give you a brief introduce of Vietnamese food carving, a proper way to decorate the plate. And then you will do it yourself, of course under the details instruction of the Chef. The following is the list of ingredients and dishes you will be preparing: Making Fresh Rice Paper, Spring Roll of Shrimp, Crispy Hoi An Pancakes with Shrimp, Herbs and Peanut Sauce, Seafood and Vietnamese Herbs Salad served in Half A Pineapple, Quang Chicken Noodles, Decoration: Tomato Rose and Cucumber Fan. After that, your group will gather around and enjoy your achievements. The taste of Hoian will be unforgettable to you.

The culture of Hoian is strongly influenced by Chinese and Japanese, due to its past as a harbor city of the Southeast Asia. This is the reason why Hoian cuisine is amazing and unique, different from other parts of Vietnam. The cooking techniques, ingredients, decoration art and incredible flavor, all of these together have created unforgettable experiences for any tourist has chance to try.

After the meal, you will be transferred back to Hoian Ancient Town by bus and free to spend the rest of the day to walk around the old town or you can get back to your hotel yourself and take a rest. After the tour, you will gain for yourself a whole new cooking experience and technique, as well as get a deeply knowledge of Hoian cuisine and culture, like someone said: “You have to taste a culture to understand it”. In the evening you can also try Hoi An street food yourself, you will feel familiar after a day learning about this charming city cuisine. 

Price: 32 USD/person

Included: Transport, Boat Trip, Lunch, English Chef (Cooking Teacher), Welcome Drink & Mineral Water.

Excluded: Insurance & other personal expenses

Note: These costs are for group tours. Please note that you will transfer to the meeting point and back to your hotel yourself.

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