Three Ways Tourist Can Help Protect Hoi An


Hoi An is now an on-the-rise destination of Vietnam and the stream of visitors to Hoi An is becoming a flood. As an typical harbor city of Southeast Asia during the 16th Century, Hoi An has conserved most of its characters, its rich architectural fusion of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and European influences. Hoi An Ancient Town was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999. The antique beauty and peaceful atmosphere here has attracted many travelers from all over the world, the number in 2017 has increased 20% comparing to the year before.

However, a big number of tourists may damage the destination’s natural beauty and special cultural characters, rather than help it. This raises a question of what is responsible tourism and how to protect destinations we visit, so next generations will have chance to explore and admire them. doesn’t only focus on growing its business with hotels Hoi An, but also concern about the responsible tourism. Here in this article, we list out 3 ways in which visitors of Hoi An can protect, conserve this beautiful Ancient City.

Stay at a local-run homestay

Stay with local people, in their local-run homestay.

Refresh your trip by stopping booking big and luxury hotels. You don’t only travel for beautiful scenery! Stay with local and learn the local life, experience it and if possible, learn their language. A trip is usually short, with just a few days at each destination, you cannot exploring, relaxing and learning local culture at the same time, then staying with Hoi An people helps you a lot.

Concerning to Hoi An Authorities and community, during the development and integration process, we (both local and tourist) need to protect the history and culture. In fact, the Authorities have tried their best to preserve the Ancient Town from natural disasters (typhoons, floods and droughts) and social factors (the rising number of visitors causing the overload of accommodation demand), then travelers should do the same thing, show their respect to the glory history and rich culture of Hoi An.

Next time you are here, book your hotels Hoi An with us, and consider small homestay and respect our country culture and environment, benefit the local society.

Under the Coconut Tree Homestay, Hoi An

Under The Coconut Tree Homestay in Hoi An, one of the best rustic homestay in town

Buy local products

When getting a local product, you also get a little about the local culture, how people here live their daily life. This is a great way toward sustainable tourism, when tourists help local people by giving job opportunities, encouraging development and innovation.

The two most classic things to buy in Hoi An are lanterns and tailor-made clothes. These products are sold at almost every store in the Ancient Town.

Shining Lanterns at Hoi An Ancient Town

Who doesn’t want to buy one of these shining lanterns?

Visit traditional crafts villages

Hoi An is famous with its rustic village where traditional crafts are preserved, such as Tra Que (vegetable farming), Kim Bong (carpentry), Thanh Ha (pottery), Phuoc Kieu (bronze casting) and other traditional crafts around the Ancient Town like Silk making and Lantern making. By visiting traditional villages, while learning the local culture and daily life, tourists also help boosting the economy for small household business.

Here we suggest visiting Tra Que vegetable village. On a beautiful day, cycling to Tra Que village, joining the farming activities here before having lunch with the local host. Travelers are also able to join a cooking class, also taught by local people.

Experience Farming at Tra Que Vegetable Village

Be local, be a farmer at Tra Que Vegetable Village of Hoi An

Hoi An is now focusing on sustainable developing, when the rising number of travelers coming here is threatening its community. Respect the destination, because we all want to go back there next time.


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