FAQs for partners

1. What steps does the signing up process include?

Here is the signing up process:

  • You create account and sign up, provide us your property’s details
  • We check your information
  • You sign a contract with us
  • You are granted access into Hotel Admin
  • Now you can update your price, promotion etc. and go live!

2. Can I update, change my property’s information after submitting it?

Yes, you can update your information any time. But please take note that we will review your information again after you submitted it. The updated information is still available on the website the moment you send it, but if we find out some inaccurate information, we will have the right to delete it. 

3. Why do I sell rooms on Hotelshoian.com instead of my own website?

Here is some advantages you will get if becoming our partner:

  • Reaching a larger number of potential guests

Joining us means you will get a greater chance to enhance your online presence with our search engine optimization, content marketing and so on.

  • Friendly interface

We put our partner’s convenience first when building up our website. Furthermore than a friendly interface, your benefits would be our first consideration when we established our terms and conditions.

  • Big data of verified reviews

No more “newbie” property. Your verified review from Tripadvisor will be integrated into your profile on Hotelshoian.com.

  • Fair competition

Your appearance, ranking on our website is totally based on factors like quality, review, price, and customer service, not on the commission percentage or other elements. 

4. How do my guests pay for their booking?

Your guests will pay the total amount to Hotelshoian.com. On behalf of the property, Hotelshoian.com will collect the payments and transfer fully to you monthly. You will pay the commission to us after that.

5. What will happen when my guests cancel their booking?

There are two cases:

  • If your guests cancelled their booking without a cancellation fee (accordingly to your property’s policy), you don’t have to pay commission.
  • If your guests have to pay the cancellation fee, Hotelshoian.com will charge the commission as normal. 

6. What if my guests don’t show up at the check-in date?

There’s nothing to worry, Hotelshoian.com already collected the total amount from your guests, your guests will pay the total price of the entire stay and you will pay us the commission.