Two Days On Cham Islands, Hoi An


Cham Islands (or “Cu Lao Cham” in Vietnamese) is a World Biosphere Reserves, which is famous and attracts visitors by its rustic, wild beautiful beaches and mountains. Cu Lao Cham is a group of mountainous islands lying 10km to the East and can be seen from the coast of Hoi An. While staying at hotels Hoi An along Cua Dai Beach, you can see the islands blurring out there in the ocean like a fairyland.

If you are planning to visit Cham Islands by yourself, then the followings are some helpful tips for you to enjoy this beautiful land.

How and when to get there

Cham Islands is 10km from the mainland, so tourists need to get there by speedboat or wooden boat (seasonal). It’s better traveling by speedboat because it’sfaster and good for anyone who is easy to get seasick. After 20 minutes, you will be landing on Cham Islands. From your hotels Hoi An in the central of Ancient Town, take a cab (or ride your own motorbike) to Cua Dai Harbor and buy your speedboat ticket there (you can buy it in advance through multiple channels). You can also join a one-day group tour but we highly recommend you to stay overnight on Cham Islands.

The best time to visit Cham Islands is during the summer in Central Vietnam, from April to September.

Cham Islands in Hoi An

Cu Lao Cham is especially beautiful in the summer

What to do and where to stay on Cham Islands

You can take your motorbike with you with an extra charge, but there are motorbikes for rent on the Island so it’s not necessary. Consider the cost of snorkeling, hotel or homestay, meals and other personal expenses to balance your budget.

You can book a snorkeling tour at travel agencies or at your hotel/homestay, if you agree to join another group then you can get a better price. The speedboat or wooden boat (cheaper) will pick you up and transfer you to other smaller islands where no people live for snorkeling, here, put on the life jacket (recommended) and snorkeling glasses then immerse yourself into the cool fresh water. Best time for snorkeling is from 13:00 to 17:00. Then get back to the beach by boat while enjoying the spectacular sunset on Hoi An.

Then one of the most important parts is eating. You can book your own meals at homestay, or go out for a meal at restaurants along Lang Beach and Ong Beach. Taste all of the fresh seafood here with the best price! In the evening, enjoy a BBQ dinner at street kitchens while taking pleasure in the stunning sea view.

Talking about accommodations, tourists can find a homestay on Cham Island easily alongOng Beach, Huong Beach and Lang Beach. You can also go camping overnight (there are camping equipment for rent there) and enjoy the feeling!

Camping here at night, you can lit the campfire and have your own BBQ dinner (of course you need to ask your host before going on). Play games with friends, or tell campfire stories, then enjoy the night sky.

In the early morning, find your way to the top of the mountain to admire the stunning view of sunrise on the Ocean, rent a motorbike and departs around 4:00 – 4:30. It might be difficult, but totally worth it!

Catching Sunrise on Cham Islands, Hoi An

Enjoy the furious ride between Mountain and Sea

Sunrise on Cham Islands, Hoi An

Try to catch this fascinating sunrise at Cham Islands


In the afternoon, take the speedboat back to the mainland and back to your hotels Hoi An, relax after 2 days swimming and exploring!

So in summary, coming to Cham Islands and take a step back in time, get away from the crowds and the busy modern world. Cham Island is definitely a place not-to-missed when tourists visit to Hoi An during the summer.




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