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Please see below for a step-by-step booking guide on


1. Enter your information for searching
At the home page, enter the destination (between Hoi An, Da Nang or Hue) or (and) the property’s name you are going to visit and stay over. Then enter your arrival and departure date (aka check-in and check-out date). For a more detailed result, you can also fill in the number of rooms, adults and children in the box below. 

Homepage hotelshoian

Using search box to look for your property at the homepage


2. Results and Filters

After clicking on the “SEARCH” button, a list of properties will appear. Besides the sort bar for Most Popular, Stars or Prices, you can also use our search filter for Budget, Star Rating, Property Type and Around Area (Around Area is only available when you choose a destination).

Search results on

Search results on


3. Choosing Rooms and Understanding Policies
By clicking on each property, you will process into the property site. Or by clicking on the Tripadvisor Widget, you will process to the Tripadvisor site of this property. Now you are looking at the property site with a lot of information as the picture below, we will short out some of the most important ones for you.

Hotel site on

Hotel site on


First of all, check for all the essential information, such as address, property facilities and amenities, property policies.

Second of all, after you have made sure this is the property you want, depending on its location or its facilities & amenities, or any other reason. We will explain for you one the most important things: Policies.
  • Check-in and check-out: please know that you will check-in or check-out in this period of time. You might be charged an extra fee for early check-in or late check-out, and the availability is not assured as well.
  • Cancellation policy: this will let you know how many days prior the check-in date that you can cancel free of charge. Remember this policy is not applied for non-refundable price type. 
  • Children and Extra Bed: this will advise you at which age children are allowed to stay with their parents with or without extra beds. And the price as well as the availability of extra bed is stated in each different room types.
  • Pets: If you are traveling with your lovely pet, make sure you check this policy carefully. 
And finally, we come to the most important part – choosing your room:
Choosing rooms on
Choosing rooms on
Make sure you notice all the given information:
  • Room type: the property might offer several room types, you should consider the capacity and other conditions like room view, acreage, smoking policy and so on. Click on the room’s photo for more details. 
  • Inclusions: if you need breakfast included, make sure you will choose the property which offers breakfast included.
  • Secret Deals: sometimes you will see the “Secret Deals” icon, it means there is a lower price offers only for members of, you can log-in or register to see it.
  • Low Rate (Non-refundable): room rate of this price type is usually lower than usual. You have to pay instantly in order to book it and there is no refund of you change or cancel. 
  • Pay later & Free cancellation: this is the price type allows you to pay later before a certain payment term. There is also a deadline for every changes and cancellations. 
Making a reservation on
Making a reservation on
After understanding all the details, you can go on and choose the most suitable room type & price type for you. 
Then click on “Book Now” button to process to the booking page.

4. Enter your information
Now you are at the booking page, where you will enter your information in order to make a reservation. You will also check the booking information for the last time before going on. The information you give us will be transferred to the property and help them to arrange your stay the fullest. 
If you are making this reservation for someone else, make sure you enter this person’s information in the “I’m making this reservation for someone else” section. 
Also, make sure you fill in the name, number of people stay in each room as well, this will help the property arrange beds the right way. At the Special Request part, you can write your requests which are not stated on the website. Need to know if you can check-in early? Here you go! Don’t forget to let the property know when to welcome you by choose your arrival time even this is optional! 
After filling all the needed information, you can choose between 02 payment options (not applicable to all booking): Pay Now (pay instantly at the moment) or Pay Later (pay before a certain deadline). 


5. Payment
5.1. Pay Later
After clicking on “Pay Later” button, now your reservation is a pending booking and is not guaranteed until you pay (before the payment term). You can find the payment link in the confirmation email which is sent to you within 30 minutes after making the reservation. 
Every decision is up to you, just make sure you make payment on time!
5.2. Pay Now
You will enter the payment gateway immediately after choosing the Pay Now option. Here you will enter your card details and complete the payment. After a successful payment, the confirmation email will be sent to your email box within 30 minutes. 
6. Manage your booking
There are 02 ways to enter the Manage Your Booking page:
  • Sign-in into as a member and go to the Booking Manager section. Here you will see a list of your booked reservations, click on the up-coming booking for more details.
  • Click on the “Manage Your Booking” button in the confirmation email sent to you after making a reservation on
On this page, you will see all the important information about this booking, you can also change the reservation person information, cancel your booking or massage to the property. 
Now you are defenitely ready. Go on and choose the best hotel in Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue for your upcoming trip!